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Hey YCGers! I know its be awhile since my last post but we have been very busy the past several months putting together our first 993 DVD!! YCG has partnered with the guys (Yes...those guys!) and will be releasing it sometime this summer. We will release it under the Red Cap Garage brand which will have a little bit different look & feel than a YCG DVD but can still be used by the 1st time mechanic. ttyl

Posted: 2011-06-12

We're are being carried by Pelican Parts!!

Posted: 2011-01-14

We're are now being carried by Performance Products!!

Posted: 2011-01-14

Happy Holidays!!

I would like to take a moment and wish all our loyal customers & friends of the YCG happy holidays & a happy new year!! Also, plans on in the works to carry our products on Pelican Parts & Performance Products. jabber

Posted: 2010-23-20

Its Alive!!

YCG is happy to announce that the new Brake DVD covering 30 years of 911 is now available!! The download version will be available in the coming week. Also, the first YCG tool for easy installation of brake pad pins in tight areas is now available for order. Also, you will notice the enhanced graphics & text that hover over on the various operations to assist the 1st time mechanic. -jabber

Posted: 2010-10-24

Brake DVD Home Stretch

Well, all the Brake Demo feedback has been collected and with a few minor updates along with some graphic's enhancements the new brake DVD should be ready for release in the next couple of weeks!! -jabber

Posted: 2010-09-29

Brake DVD Demo

The final cut of the brake DVD has been sent out to several of our past customers for review & feedback. In the meanwhile, some final enhancements are being added and once we get the feedback from our customers ready to release in September. Unfortunately we are behind schedule but we hope the final product will be worth the wait!! jabber

Posted: 2010-09-15

YCG Girl Coming Soon!

In conjunction with our new brake DVD coming out soon we at YCG determined something else was missing...& that something was a YCG Girl! We will be interviewing potential candidates in the coming weeks and start shooting some commercials with our new YCG Girl. So I'm sure you would rather look at the YCG Girl in future videos & commercials than the jabber's face!! Barry

Posted: 2010-09-03

Downloads vs. DVDs

The YCG crew has been wondering should we concentrate on putting out Downloads vs. DVDs? To get a DVD written, shot, edited & released is 3 to 4 months given our resources at this time. To get downloads released is 3x less time to do. So, the feedback we would like to have from our customers is, "should we concentrate on producing downloads or DVDs"? Please send your feedback to and I will let you know what everybody is saying. -jabber

Posted: 2010-08-27

Brake DVD Update #3

Should have the final edit completed this week. Next step will be adding the enhanced graphics (Pop-up tools being used along with additional text info,etc.) and hopefully go to final release next week! The new brake DVD will have approx. 2.5 hours of step-by-step instructional video on a 2 DVD set. Can't wait:) -jabber

Posted: 2010-08-26
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