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Stall when you take off oil filler cap
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by Guest on Tuesday, 07.September 2010 04:22
Post Stall when you take off oil filler cap

I have a 1989 Carrera with the 3.2 engine. I just got it. When I try to check the oil with the engine running and remove the oil filler cap it stalls. It seems like there is a substantial amount of vacuum in there. Any idea what the problem is and what part needs to be examined/replaced?


by Barry on Wednesday, 15.September 2010 23:49
Re: Stall when you take off oil filler cap

Hey Howie.......hmmmm I have an 89 Carrera but never had this problem. Did some research & guess what….a common problem.

Behind the Oil filler inlet there are 2 x ~25mm Air breather hoses. The top hose should have a restrictor inside (metal cone piece) that maintains the oil pressure when the cap is off. You can confirm this if you clamp the top hose with a set of vise grips and then try removing the cap while the engine running to check the oil level. If engine doesn’t stall than this metal cone piece that fits inside the end of the hose is probably the problem.

Here is a link that might help………..let me know what you find out.

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