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Setting timing on 84 thru 89 911's?
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by Guest on Thursday, 24.December 2009 14:38
Post Setting timing on 84 thru 89 911's?

Why does the tuneup DVD doesn't require any timing adjustments?


by Barry on Thursday, 24.December 2009 14:47
Re: Setting timing on 84 thru 89 911's?

Hey Bonz,

The 84-89 series 911 uses the Bosch Motronic engine management system which controls the ignition system (distributor/rotor/sparkplug/coil timing). Unlike, the 65-77 911s which needs the distributor adjusted to the proper position & gap between the points adjusted along with the 78-83 series which only requires the distributor adjusted (CIS system elimnated the use of "points").


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